Acupuncture is not Painful pt. 1

I have been practicing Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in the Tulsa Metro Area for over five years and I am always meeting new people who have never experienced Acupuncture click resources. Although thousands of years old, Acupuncture has only been in the United States since the late 1970’s and like most things that find their way to the United States from other parts of the world, Acupuncture first experienced popularity on the coasts before slowly spreading to the rest of the country. Being that I was born and raised in Oklahoma, I understand that some things take time before being widely accepted into the local culture. But I went to Acupuncture school in Boulder Colorado, where Acupuncture is already widely accepted and widely practiced throughout the state. During the course of my 3 year internship in Boulder, I rarely encountered an individual who expressed fear or concern over the potential for Acupuncture to be painful. So when I first began practicing here in Oklahoma and introducing myself as an Acupuncturist, I was quite surprised that the most common response I received from people was “Oh, Im too scared of needles” or “I can’t try Acupuncture because I am afraid of the needles”. It didn’t take me long to realize that many people in Oklahoma have a lot of misconceptions when it comes to Acupuncture.

The simple truth is this- ACUPUNCTURE IS NOT PAINFUL. I have given thousands of Acupuncture Treatments over the years to hundreds of people, and although many people have come into the office with fear and hesitation, they all leave feeling much more calm and relaxed having gained the understanding that can only come with experience. The number one response I get from people after the insertion of the first Acupuncture needles is this- “I can’t believe I was so worried about this, I barely felt anything!” In the following weeks we will discuss more about the misconceptions regarding Acupuncture and work towards giving you the confidence to face your fears of the unknown and overcome any roadblocks that keep you from enjoying this relaxing and effective system of medicine.

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