Master of Science in Oriental Medicine
Southwest Acupuncture College, Boulder, CO

Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Education
Langston University at Tulsa, OK

Associate of Arts
Tulsa Community College, Tulsa, OK

High School Diploma
Broken Arrow Senior High School, Broken Arrow, OK

Professional Experience


2007-2010 Clinical Internship at Southwest Acupuncture College Clinic – Boulder, CO (Approximately 900 hours of clinical experience treating a variety of conditions)

2010-2011 Acupuncture and Allergy Clinic – Tulsa, OK

2010-2014 Modern Alternative Healthcare and Sports Medicine – Tulsa, OK

2011-2014 South Pointe Pain Management – Tulsa, OK

2014-2015 The Restorative Pain to Wellness Center – Tulsa, OK

2015-Present Tulsa Sports Acupuncture – Tulsa, OK


2014 Assistant Instructor to Whitfield Reaves D.O.M. – Acupuncture Sports Medicine – Boulder, CO

2008-2010 Taiji Qigong and Meditation Classes at Southwest Acupuncture College – Boulder, CO

2009 Hawaiian Kempo classes – Assistant Instructor under Sensei Doug Petrie L.Ac. – Niwot, CO

2011-2012 Taiji Qigong classes at Mikey’s Gym – Tulsa, OK

2011-2012 Mindfulness Meditation classes at Mikey’s Gym – Tulsa, OK

2010-2014 Mindfulness Meditation private lessons at MAH Sports Medicine – Tulsa, OK

Additional Training

Apprenticeship in Acupuncture Sports Medicine under Whitfield Reaves D.O.M.; Boulder, CO 2010

Training in Balance Method of Pain Management under Douglas Frank L.Ac.; Boulder, CO 2009

Training in advance Tui Na Massage under Dr. Li Lu L.Ac.; Boulder, CO 2010

Training in Zen Shiatsu Massage under Michael Young L.Ac.; Boulder, CO 2009

Training in Trigger Point Therapy under Michael Young L.Ac.; Boulder CO 2009

Qigong (Chi Kung) training under Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming; Boston, MA 2002-2006, 2011

Qigong training under Master Yun Xiang Tseng; Boulder CO 2008-2009

Qigong training under Sensei Doug Petrie L.Ac.; Boulder CO 2007-2010

Taiji (Tai Chi) training under Mr. Jerry Ho; Tulsa OK 2003-2006

Training in Hawaiian Kempo Karate under Sensei Doug Petrie L.Ac.; Boulder CO 2007-2010

Earned Purple Belt in Hawaiian Kempo and Green Belt in Okinawan Kobudo; Obtained

Certified Instructor Status for Midori Yama Budokai from Sensei Petrie.

Training in Gao Style Ba Gua under Owen Schilling and Bill Metzger; Boulder CO 2007-2009