Halloween at the Broken Arrow Rose District

Happy Halloween from Tulsa Sports Acupuncture!! This was our first year in our new location in the Broken Arrow Rose District, and we were very excited to be able to take part in the local Rose District festivities. This year Tulsa Sports Acupuncture had a small booth at the Night Out Against Crime, and we had a great time handing candy out to all the kids (and of course business cards to all the adults!). The Night Out Against Crime is sponsored by the Broken Arrow Police Department and takes place each year at the Farmer’s Market Pavilion on Main St. The purpose of the Night Out Against Crime is to provide a safe and exciting environment for the local families to bring their kids and experience all the Halloween fun without any worry of danger or crime.

All the local businesses were invited and the turnout was pretty impressive. There were around 10-15 businesses with booths in the pavilion and there were also many more businesses along Main St. just North of the Farmers Market who were in attendance and handing out candy to the children. We were absolutely blown away by the number of people in attendance, and we were literally handing out candy to a steady stream of children for over 2 hours. The costumes were amazing and it was a special treat to get to see such a variety of excellent costumes. Overall the atmosphere of the event seemed very relaxed and fun; it was an excellent place to spend Halloween, and we definitely plan on attending again next year.

Next week we will return to our ongoing article series with the next installment “Acupuncture is Not Painful Pt. 3”

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